Don’t move to earn,
Move to ... be you!
Collect, &
Move to Earn
Open your shoebox, discover your unique sneakers, and earn by moving!
MeGo - a Social fitness app
MeGo provides a platform that connects the real and virtual worlds so that users can run together, communicate with neighboring runners via different activities, and contribute to the community.
MeGo - a move2earn
app for
Free Users
NFT Owners
Daily Routine
Beginner-friendly activity tracker. Record routes and analyze your training with all the stats – for free!
Earn tokens and other rewards with every step you take!
Running Companion
Invite your friends to the route and share the fun and rewards together.
Challenge Mode
Take part in a wide variety of contests and one-off activities to earn badges, medals, and other recognition.
PvP and Betting
Make a bet or co-op with others to accomplish a common goal and get the spoils of victory.
Background Mode
Every step counts. Get rewards passively
Land System
Where every decision you make is for others
Each NFT land represents a square area with a given arena according to the rarity of the land. Land owners can choose the location for their land according to the Google Map based on their personal business strategy.
Land owners will receive a land tax from the money the player earns when running through his land.
With MeGo, you will never be alone
Surround yourself with fitness minded people. Run together, sweat together, and be healthy together!
Share the joy of running every day with your mates
Real-time tracking map
Check your friends’ activities
Buddy Pairring
Finding a running mate anytime, anywhere
NFT Collections
Not just an earning ticket, NFTs offered by MeGo are finely-crafted NFT sets for true NFT collectors